We at Cold Turkey pride ourselves in producing the best quality e-liquid that money can buy. Every single batch is produced to the highest quality and standard.


Cold Turkey is proud to be serving the Vape Community with nothing but the best premium E-Liquid of the highest quality, brewed exclusively in Canada. All our E-juice or E-liquid is made with 100% pharmaceutical pure grade ingredients. Each Bottle produced by Cold Turkey is carefully examined and put through its paces to ensure the very best standard and quality. 


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  • Where to start.. New to vaping or a steeped vaper Cold Turkey is where you need to be. I've been coming to cold Turkey for years and can't imagine going anywhere else. Excellent customer service and amazing selection! The House juice is fire !!!
    - Walid Louati
  • Vince was super knowledgeable and friendly over the phone and in person. He took the time to walk us through every option and gave some solid advice. It was clear he knows what he's talking about! Will definitely be back!
    - Caitlin Huynh
  • Wow, what an amazing place!
    - Tyler Gamble
  • Love this place. Employees are great and always very helpful when i’m trying to figure out a flavour to my liking. Been going here for months now and will continue on doing so. Points program is great here too.
    - M. Im
  • I’m new at this vaping thing and to be honest I find it a bit intimidating going into a vape store. But the owner was super friendly and very knowledgeable took the time to teach us how to set up properly. Highly recommend 👌
    - Christine Fredricks
  • Awesome staff, super clean store. Don’t go to any other vape shop.
    - Chris Neves