Who is Cold Turkey Juice?


Cold Turkey is proud to be serving the Vape Community with nothing but the best premium E-Liquid of the highest quality, brewed exclusively in Canada. All our E-juice or E-liquid is made with 100% pharmaceutical pure grade ingredients. Each Bottle produced by Cold Turkey is carefully examined and put through its paces to ensure the very best standard and quality. 
We at COLD TURKEY pride ourselves in Crafting Ultra High-quality premium E-Liquid. Our Facilities and manufacturing processes are state of the art and come second to none. We believe in being 100% transparent and invite you to come tour our facilities which are open to the public through appointments only so we can give you a full private and detailed tour.
With Nearly 6 years under our belts, We have succeeded in mastering our craft. We execute each and every project with speed and precision while maintaining the highest quality and standard. Every bottle is produced in a state of the art ISO 7 CERTIFIED laboratory located in Burlington Ontario, Canada 

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