• Hard Apple e-liquid BIGINSIG

Hard Apple

Big Insig's Hard Apple has to be the most specialized and accurate e-liquid we've ever seen. On first inhale, you'll be refreshed by the sweet and cooling sensation of a true glass of hard apple drink. As you exhale, your taste buds light up with the robust flavour of fermented Mutsu apples. The lingering aftertaste might be the best part. Your mouth is coated in rich fermented apple flavour, paired with the cooling sensation of ice. The formulation is so specific, it took over 6 months of labour to exact this one-of-a-kind brew. This e-liquid was designed to be vaped all day. There are no added sweeteners (greatly extending coil life) and the nicotine is silky smooth.

  • All bottles sold in 60mL clear Chubby Gorilla Plastic bottles
  • E-liquid ratio is a perfect 75/25 vegetable glycerin/propylene glycol blend.
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